Easy Approaches to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6106, 1069

Company file errors are very common in QuickBooks and a major chunk of users have experienced them. QuickBooks error 6106 1069 is a company file error which indicates corrupted company file, or damage of the Network or Transaction Log files. Issues in the Database Server Manager can also be contributors to this error. To know about how to fix Error code 6106 1069, perform the fixes in this blog.


What leads to QuickBooks Error 6106 1069?

Different causes could result in this company file error. Some important ones include:


Fixes for QuickBooks Error 6106 1069

Perform the following fixes to make sure this error does not come up the next time you open the company file or try to modify it.


Fix 1: Use of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

This tool has the potential to fix most of the company file errors and the network issues as well. The steps to use it are:


Fix 2: Set up updates for QuickBooks

The QuickBooks update process is:


Fix 3: Get ND and TLG files renamed

At times, damage in the ND and TLG files could lead to Error 6106 1069. To get this issue fixed, proceed as below:


Fix 4: Get the Company file backup

This fix can be performed when you are sure that the company file is damaged. It will replace the old file with a new one which was backed up in the past.


Fix 5: Move the Company file (facing error 6106) to Desktop



The present discussion revolved around the Error and the technical ways to fix QuickBooks Error 6106 1069. Having further issues? Feel free to call our QuickBooks experts at 1-800-761-1787. Our team will be happy to solve your issues.